• ERP in the Cloud Series…. June 11

    Hey folks ... I'm back in action and starting a new series of posts on ERP in the Cloud - Read on and Go Live! To Your Success... Rick

ERP in the Cloud… Is It a Viable Solution? Part 1…

Hi There – It’s been a while…  hope all is going well… This is the first in a series of posts where we will discuss the viability of a cloud ERP / enterprise system solutions from a number of different angles? • Performance • Storage • Maintenance • Fault tolerance and Redundancy • Access • Security • Cost • Virtualization • Specific module issues • AND... [Read more of this post]

ERP Service Contracts – Do’s and Dont’s

The Situation Over the last couple of years, companies hit with down revenues and have a ERP or CRM system version that is old enough that it’s not longer supported, have made the decision to cancel maintenance and support until they are ready to upgrade. I mean if your software is no longer being supported and your not going to upgrade anytime soon WHY IN THE WORLD  would you be paying thousands... [Read more of this post]

ERP Upgrade – Getting the Green Light

Hi There… So you have brainstormed with the team and agreed on your areas of weakness, where the threats are and as a result have strong agreement that to move forward with an upgrade would be a REALLY good idea… However, the guy that signs the check is not in the room… The next step for me was to write a detailed – Problem – Solution and Financial Impact document. This... [Read more of this post]


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