ERP System Delay / Interruption Root Cause 1


Is your existing ERP system, the user interface, the database platform and other aspects of your system built on industry best practices?

In this day and age you might ask – isn’t everyone?…Not really…

You can see it at the systems level where an ERP provider produced a system built with a proprietary API – if you don’t think they are out there THINK AGAIN.

The user interface (UI) is another area where non standard design in common.

And as time moves on it is really inevitable that your system will become less and less standard:

• The older your system, the less likely that your hardware and software will be compatible with current technology.
• Standards change and as they do, manufacturers and publishers have no choice but to follow them.

Non standard or outdated software design can be a huge problem where the software still performs the needed task, but does so in an inefficient or unusual way. Put another way, the need for change is not strong, but bad habits are being built every day!

An example of this would be a non standard menuing or icon system where the menu items and icon graphics are not easily recognized … minor example in comparison to some…

I have seen current ERP systems that do exactly that. While I am all for creativity, this type of design is more for the programmers and graphic designers benefit and not the end user.

Proprietary design – what else could they do… in late 1970’s and the 80’s during what I call the Wild West of Manufacturing Systems prior to Local Area Network technology (LAN) and the Client / Server model. At that time, existing technology was such that companies had to build their systems on the old mainframe, distributed data or the dumb terminal model.

Looking for a new system? Look for systems that are built on standard hardware and with industry best practice software tools. In the long run you will be better off.

If your existing system is not up to standard, use your existing hardware and software situation to drive your justification for a new system.

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