The Seven Steps to Implementing ERP – Step 1- Justification

Hi Folks … Rick here and sorry about the loooong delay in updating the blog…

Too many projects, not enough time – time flies….

So what are the 7 phases to implementing an ERP system?

Step 1 is Justifying the System and thoroughly Defining Requirements.

  • Without buy off from top management, don’t even think about moving forward with an implementation . With support you will be able to make it through the "rough spots".
  • Then take the time to define system requirements. By this I mean clearly outlining every need and want that you have in a new system. Take a look at all of your existing processes and those processes that you have yet to implement. Which ones would you "integrate" in to your new system.

And don’t think that this step only applies to a new system… it also is important when you are considering an upgrade.

While the emphasis on this site is ERP – this also applies to pretty much any major technology initiative – CRM, Supply Chain Management – even a new VoIP Phone System. So think about this long and hard – you will be glad that you did.

If you want to check out more of my thoughts and ruminations – go to and listen to my podcast on the subject of ERP implementation. I have multiple episodes that address Step 1 – Justifying and Defining Requirements on an ERP system…


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