The Seven Steps to Implementing ERP – Step 2 – Sourcing

So now on the Step 2 in the ERP Implementation Process.

Recall that in Step 1 you thoroughly Justified and Specified your new system. With that out of the way you are confident that you will have the support that you need and know what target you are aiming at.

In Step 2 of the implementation process – Sourcing the right ERP system, you are looking at as many packages as you can, narrowing the field and then qualifying and selecting a specific package from the narrowed field. Piece of cake right? …. Wrong! So many "experts" are out there, and every one of them has a bias towards one package or another…. Salesman, Consultant, it does not really matter, they have expertise in one or more specific products…

So you read the trade journals, you spend time in the forums, you Google "ERP", you read the propagan…. sorry "literature" and start making your list, checking it twice. Then once that list is made, you have to start eliminating those packages that don’t meet your requirements and finally selecting one that comes as close to meeting them as possible.

So this is Step 2 and a VERY CRITICAL one in the successful implementation of an ERP system… Next – the 3rd Step in the implementation process …. Purchasing your system…If finding the right system sounds like fun… wait til you get my opionion on the Purchasing process…



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  1. Rebecca Gill says:


    I liked your post, especially the piece of cake comment. Selecting the right package is critical to success, yet it is much more difficult than most anticipate when they undertake a selection project.


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