ERP Software Implementation – Structure and Flow – Part 2

In the last post I introduced you to the the business software implementation from the top down – First by giving you an overview of the implementation phases and then directly below that, the implementation steps. Finally we discussed the implementation elements as the "Runway" level of an software implementation and where most of the actual work gets done.

I left off discussing the first two Elements – the Description and the Deliverable of any given Implementation Step.

Let’s pick up where we left off and move into the Team and Event elements…

Note – If you have not read the last post you should read it before you read this one…

Element C – Implementation Team
Team and Event Element

• There is usually only one implementation team. This team is comprised of senior management, and other key personnel. The members of this team must be hands on in the implementation of your system and act as the steering committee in guiding other teams in overall implementation. The Implementation Project Manager usually leads this team.
• This element provides you with Implementation team focus at various phases in the implementation process.

elements Teams and Events.jpg

Element D – Phase / Activity Teams
Team and Event Element

• Each Phase / Activity team has a specific purpose. These teams are mandatory for the successful implementation of your system.
• Phase / Activity teams are formed and then disbanded once their purpose has been served at any appropriate intermediate step in the implementation.
• Phase / Activity teams are extremely hands on and can be comprised of management, leads and other personnel that are key to that particular Step.
• This element provides you with guidance as to the teams that must be formed, what they should focus on and when they are required in the implementation.

Element E – Project Events / Meetings
Team and Event Element

• Project Events and Meetings occur at many points during an implementation. Many of these meetings are ad hoc, however, others are much more involved and require a great deal of planning.
• This project element allows you to look ahead and plan for these upcoming events in providing available space, ensuring that key personnel are present and that the event or meeting is properly planned and executed.

In the next post we will start discussing the first of the project elements…

Until next time… Rick

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