ERP Software Implementation – Structure and Flow – Part 3

Good day folks – in this post we are going to continue the discussion of the Implementation Elements.

To briefly review, the 15 implementation elements lie across your entire implementation – horizontally – and traverse all phases of your ERP / Business System implementation.

While the overarching Phases and Steps are sequential and vertically oriented, each with a discrete beginning and end, the Elements stay with you throughout your entire journey.

The Implementation Element is the “runway” level of your project and where actions and tasks are defined and carried out. At this lowest of levels, you maximize your focus and zero in on exactly where you are in your project and implementation.

I strongly recommend that you read the last two posts if you have not already done so, as they cover the Phase and Step levels of your project as well as an introduction to the Implementation Elements and take you to the point where this post begins…

Today we are entering into the “Project Elements”, where you are really starting to deal with the elements of project management, how policy affects an implementation and finally, the critical role of process management.

Element F – Project Management
Project Element

• Project management in the implementation of a software based system can vary in complexity depending on the scope of the system being implemented.

• This element guides you through the recommended project management techniques and the level of detail required at various Phases and Steps in your project.

Element G – Policy Management

Project Element

• Policy management is a critical aspect of any software implementation because of the broad guidelines that policy provides. As a system implementation progresses, policy must be referred to and revised as the system envisioned in the beginning is seldom the system that you end up with at Go Live.

• Without the direction and guidelines that business and process policies provide, project direction, process integration and team buy in are in serious jeopardy.

• This element directs you to view policy at different Phases and Steps of the project from different angles. This Element acts as a reminder that policy is a vitally important aspect of the project and that it will evolve along with other aspects of your organization.

Element H – Process Management
Project Element

• The Process element lies at the heart of a system implementation in that no recurring activity within an organization should occur without a clearly defined process.

• Business process definition and refinement will, even more so than policy, refine and change not only throughout the life of the implementation but also on a broader basis throughout the life of the business or organization itself.

• Business process definition provides clear direction in process integration between your existing and your new or upgraded system.

• The process management element must be given constant attention in every module, Phase and Step of the implementation and in doing so will provide you with the assurance that your new system will be as efficient, effective and as intelligent as possible.

Well that’s about it for today…

If you are considering the implementation or upgrade of you system, you should check out the Business Software Implementation Tracker – that fully describes the structure and approach that I am laying out. This 500+ guide and template to an ERP or other large scale software implementation is designed to be your constant companion…

Until next time… this is Rick signing off…

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  1. Rick, These days when all costs are under pressure, organizations are looking at reducing the cost of ERP implementations too. Do you have any insights on how can they achieve this? Though I have come up with a list in my weblog at but I am sure the list given by me is not exhaustive and there might be much more ways to reduce the cost of implementation. Any thoughts?


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