ERP Software Implementation – Structure and Flow – Part 4

In this post we are going to move on to the second set of Project Implementation Elements.

Remember, 15 implementation elements lie across your entire implementation – horizontally – and traverse all phases of your ERP / Business System implementation.

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In the second set of Project Elements we are going to cover two Elements; System Management and Configuration and System Customization.

System Management and Configuration is all about tailoring your system to meet your requirements and specifications. This is an ongoing activity and as you move through your implementation, depending on where you are in the evolution of your system, different focus must be given to configuring your system.
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Next, System Customization; No matter what type of large scale system you are implementing, there will be aspects of the project that must be customized. BEWARE of this thread of the implementation. Keep VERY tight control over this activity; make sure that you needs are CLEARLY specified to avoid “feature creep”…

With that … let’s on to the meat of this post…

Element I – System Management /Configuration

Project Element

  • System management is an obvious aspect of keeping any modern system up and running. However focus on the system itself throughout the life of your implementation will morph and attention to configuration is crucial to your success.
  • In the beginning, the assessment of your legacy system to identify weak points will be the primary focus.
  • Then to specifying a new system to best meet your future needs.
  • As the implementation progresses, competent installation, configuration, migration and testing are all integral to your implementation.
  • During integration and training, the system is further refined in User Interface (UI) and configuration.
  • This element focus’ your attention on your core system architecture, it’s structure and functionality and the care and development of that system not only throughout the implementation but post Go Live as well.

Element J – System Customization
Project Element

  • While I do not look favorably on system customization, it is usually required at one point or another in a new system (in some cases – many points).
  • This element exists to develop, monitor / control and test customization efforts as they are usually expensive and are prone to grow and morph on their own – feature creep.
  • This implementation element provides you with a focus on system customization to ensure that your changes are appropriate, are reasonably priced (generally speaking), properly testing and documented.

Well that’s about it for today… short – but food for thought.

If you are considering the implementation or upgrade of you system, my guide, The Business Software Implementation Tracker – will walk you through the structure and approach that I am laying out. This 500+ guide and template to an ERP or other large scale software implementation is designed to be your “consultant in a box”…

Until next time… this is Rick signing off…

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