ERP Software Implementation – Structure and Flow – Part 5

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In this post we are going to cover the last two Project Implementation Elements, System Security and System Reporting or Business Intelligence (BI).

Standard Reminder – the 15 implementation elements lie across your entire implementation – horizontally – and traverse all phases of your ERP / Business System implementation.

Being the 5th post in this series, if you have not read the previous ones, you are going to miss some of the foundation. The following info can stand on its own, but check out the previous posts when you have a chance.

Element K – System Security
Project Element

  • Digital security seems to be a topic of discussion in most technology circles these days and I don’t think that it is going to go away anytime soon. As software systems continue to become more sophisticated and integrated throughout the organization, the supply chain and across the Internet, the need for buttoned down security is essential.
  • During the implementation of your software system, this element must be given attention in all aspects of the project.
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  • In justification and specification, security must be looked at from the current state and future state perspectives.
  • In sourcing, qualification and purchasing, security must be looked at from the standpoint of a supplier that can appropriately meet your needs and continue to meet them in the future.
  • During the installation, process integration and training phases of the project, security must be a subject that turns a theoretical solution in to a reality.
  • Throughout process integration and training, security continues to take on a key role in building security methods, processes and systems and in training end users to assist in mitigating threats.
  • The security implementation element is crucial to the overall success of the organization in guaranteeing stability in a way that assures that the company can progress and evolve with the confidence that data is secure and is only accessed by those authorized to access it.

 Element L – System Reporting / Business Intelligence
Project Element

  • Extracting data from your system in the format required when and where you need it is a capability that to many is an afterthought.
  • Reporting and BI (Business Intelligence) must be given ample attention early enough in the implementation process for the organization to be prepared to make needed decisions at Go Live and thereafter.
  • Reporting is a critical implementation element given the fact that a software system is only a valuable and necessary as it provides you with the decision making information and intelligence that you require.

This concludes the Project Implementation Elements – In the next post, we will cover the three Quality Implementation Elements… Stay tuned…

If you are considering the implementation or upgrade of your system, The Business Software Implementation Tracker – will walk you through the structure and approach I am laying out here. This 500+ guide and template to an ERP or other large scale software implementation is designed to be your “consultant in a box”…

Until next time… this is Rick signing off…

Oh, I almost forgot… if all goes well Episode 25 of the Implement ERP Fast Podcast will be released this week…

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