ERP Software Implementation – Structure and Flow – Part 6

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This post concludes the detail description of the 15 ERP Implementation Elements… Remember to review the last five episodes, as they have mucho additional information related to the Implementation Elements – so for the full story, be sure to check them out.

OK – Let’s get to it… The Quality Elements are those that deal with training, testing and documentation. These elements are there to ensure that all of your work was not DONE IN VAIN!

Element M – System Admin / App Training / End User Training
Quality Element

• Training must occur throughout the implementation of the system in various parts of the organization. In the beginning, a core team must be trained on the basics of the specification, sourcing and qualification of a system.
• Later on, training occurs during the system installation and configuration stages in the form of the administration of the system.
• Next, process integration and then application training take center stage.

• End User Training is that point in the implementation where many focus their attention, where personnel are trained to perform those tasks / processes that make the company money.
• This element allows the project team to manage the training aspect of the implementation in a progressive manner that culminates in personnel that are ready to go – at Go Live.

Element N – System Testing / Verification
Quality Element

• Testing your new system is an obvious aspect to a system implementation, and while testing has greater focus later in the implementation, it must be given proper attention throughout the project.
• This element drives you to properly identify, test, review and revise your system and to document your testing in all phases of your implementation.

Element O – Documentation
Quality Element

• Documentation is crucial to all aspects of your implementation. Things are changing on a daily basis and with the velocity of this change is the constant need to be reminded of
– where you have been,
– where you are and
– where you are going.
• Documentation must also be firmly in place to address regulatory concerns relative to the implementation.
• Documentation serves a key role in the development and delivery of training at all levels of the organization.
• This element provides reference, support and justification at all phases of the implementation process as well as at points long after your system has been implemented.

Well, that’s about it for this post, and please note that these posts are just a tiny sample of the contents of the Business Software Implementation Tracker...the guide and tracking system that will be your companion throughout your implementation – ERP, CRM, SCM – it does not really matter, the "Tracker" will be there for you … Check it out…



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